Why is 'Our Perfect Marriage' Gender Neutral?

Alan and my upcoming book Our Perfect Marriage doesn’t include any gender specific pronouns. The couple filling out the book is only ever referred to as You, Me, or We. It was  a decision we made together very early on in the process. Why? Because heterosexual humans don’t walk the damn earth alone and we shouldn’t act like we do. Or if you need a more motivational poster friendly reason-- Because language is important. It’s a small thing, but writing is our personal weapon in the fight for equality. The simple use of husband and wife or he and she when talking broadly about marriage makes some pretty broad assumptions when talking about gender and sexuality in the context of a romantic relationship. Sure it’s not usually done deliberately, unless it’s by your uncle that insists on saying canned phrases like “Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve.” You know what? This book isn’t for that uncle. And we’re fine with that.

TLDR? Listen to this.

Mitchell LyonComment