Packing + Supporting Women

Alan and I are hitting the road for 7 weeks starting in November. My biggest stress has been how to pack for a big trip like this. Because of who I am it's inevitable that I'll buy way more than I can pack. I'm a crazy person when it comes to shopping -- and everything else. To ease my stress (and guilt) a little I've decided to focus all of my spending energy on support items made by women. As much is possible all items bought for this trip will be purchased from small businesses ran by women. Why? LADIES GOTTA SUPPORT LADIES.

My first round of items have come in and I couldn't be more pleased.


So far I have compiled --

1) CandyAss

A perfume made by Heather over atHiya Tootsie! that is designed to be a unique twist on traditional perfumes. It's my new favorite scent of all time. It reminds me of my favorite childhood treat -- Frango Mints. If (when) I accidentally spill this all over my suitcase Imma enjoy having everything I packed smelling like CandyAss. 

Get Yours Here

2) The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America

I've been wanting this 2015 publication from Tamara Winfrey Harris for a minute now. With the catastrophic shit show that 2016 has been it seems like the perfect moment to bring Black Women's voices to the front of my reading list.

Get Your Copy Here

3) Girls to The Front

The same week I started this venture my gurrrrl Kelley Greene gifted me my new favorite shirt. It was designed and made by Jenna Blazevich over at VichCraft. C'mon with that name. Gimme that. Next up on my to-buy-list from Jenna is her Anti-Anxiety Sweatshirt, Self Employed Bitches patch, and ... you know what? Just gimme all of that. It's mine now. Take my money.

Get Your Shirt Here


Send me your favorite laddddy made products. I'll buy them. Believe me.




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